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GIS People Printed & Digital Base Maps

Why you need it

A picture tells a thousand words.

Having large amounts of geographic data in your company is great, but it is of limited value if it’s not communicated effectively (e.g. to key stakeholders, clients or the public). Maps are the best way to explain your solutions and decisions to everyone else. That’s where cartographic skill comes in – and we have an abundance of it, from feature digitisation to high-quality map production.

Why choose GIS People?

We have delivered data digitisation services to a large number of clients – for example, digitisation of tsunami data in Kumamoto and digitisation of rural roads to Hema Maps. We also create high-quality professional maps for our clients – e.g. for Alligator Energy and Aria Property.

Our experience and passion for cloud-based mapping products helps us develop customised, informative maps with stunning visuals, for both mobile and the web.

GIS People perform data digitisation for Hema Maps, Alligator Energy and Aria

GIS digital maps and printed maps in Cartography

Digital & printed maps

Whether you require an online interactive web-map or a high-quality printed document, we can deliver a product that meets your exact requirements. Need weekly or monthly updates to your maps, or just a one-off creation? We’re flexible and will tailor the solution to suit you.

And off course all maps are fully customisable with your branding and styles.

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