Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics

Identify business opportunities for a competitive advantage.

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Why you need it

Companies who use geospatial predictive analytics have a competitive advantage over those who don’t.

By analysing trends and spatial patterns, it is possible to develop predictive models that help you decide where to aim your business, and stay ahead of your competitors.

Factors such as demographics, infrastructure and environment all influence business outcomes, and location data for these is used in predictive analytics.

It allows you to make well-informed predictions about future events, such as what opportunities may arise, where to invest in the future, and how to identify risky ventures.

Why choose GIS People?

Our staff have geospatial predictive analytics expertise across a wide range of industries. We compile and analyse your data to find the information you need.

The results of the analysis are output into a visually meaningful format – i.e. reports and digital or print maps.

And if your requirements change, we can revisit and refine the analytic model, giving you up-to-date, fluid predictions.

GIS People Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics - Banking

Example 1: Banking

Banks and other financial institutions can uncover valuable insights about their customers, markets and opportunities. A “predictive model”, developed using your data and the experience of your organisation, will help you:

  • Analyse demographic trends to identify business growth areas
  • Select best locations for new branches
  • Achieve the best results from your marketing campaigns
  • Devise plans to combat competitor strongholds

Example 2: Insurance

Using predictive analytics in the insurance sector helps insurance companies and Government departments anticipate and plan for events before they happen. We assist you via:

  • Modelling of incident occurrence over time
  • Prediction of the likelihood and extent of event occurrences and reoccurrences
  • Prediction of damage probability and extent
  • Anticipation of incident effects on buildings, landscapes and customers
Predictive Analytics - Insurance

Example 3: Real Estate

Want to identify an ideal site for development before your competitor does? We help you make sense of large amounts of property data to carry out tasks such as:

  • Predicting future real estate hotspots
  • Selecting appropriate development sites
  • Identifying movement trends and patterns
  • Modelling demographic and population changes to look at city growth potential
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