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Digital Cemeteries

Data capture services

Capture your cemetery like never before with our advanced data collection services. We utilize high-resolution aerial and drone technology, along with ground-based 360-degree photos and videos, to provide accurate and detailed imagery for your digital cemetery experience.

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Digitization of plot records

Simplify your cemetery management with our digitization services. We convert existing plot records into a searchable database, making it easy to access vital information about burial plots and grave locations. Say goodbye to manual record-keeping and embrace efficient digital organization.

Immersive digital web solution

Step into the digital era with our immersive web solution. No special hardware required—just an internet-connected computer. Explore and interact with your cemetery online through detailed 3D visualization, interactive maps, and powerful search capabilities. Connect with the rich history and stories of your cemetery, anytime, anywhere.

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Cemeteries digital twin

Experience the future of cemetery management with our innovative Cemeteries Digital Twin solution. By creating a digital replica of your cemetery, we offer a range of benefits for both users and cemetery managers/administrators.

Unprecedented Accessibility

Pay respects to loved ones and explore the cemetery from anywhere in the world, at any time, with just an internet connection.

Enhanced Genealogical Research

Easily search and navigate through burial plots and grave locations, empowering genealogists to uncover ancestral connections and historical information.

Meaningful Connections

Connect with family members and share memories through an interactive platform, fostering a sense of community and remembrance.

Streamlined Data Management

Replace cumbersome paperwork with a centralized digital database, simplifying record-keeping and enabling efficient updates and maintenance.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Optimize resource allocation, plot management, and maintenance schedules based on accurate and up-to-date digital information.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Provide an exceptional user experience by offering a modern and accessible platform, increasing customer satisfaction and engagement.

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