Remote Sensing

Delivering robust earth observation solutions

GIS People uses the latest available image analysis software.
We identify the most efficient and cost-effective techniques to help your business.

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Powerful technology

Using remotely sensed data in your projects means time and cost savings due to a reduction of the need for field data collection. It also allows complex analysis of, for example, land use, terrain and water resource data, that would not be possible through other techniques.

Have a project that requires detailed analysis of large or inaccessible areas of land? We deliver innovative and well-designed solutions using the latest analysis techniques. Our expert team has access to the latest aerial imagery, and high-resolution satellite imagery from partner organisation DigitalGlobe. DigitalGlobe’s earth observation data is sourced from the world’s most sophisticated and agile commercial satellite imaging constellation.


Rapid image analysis

We deliver solutions in:

  • Automatic feature extraction – specific features such as roads, waterways and housing are detected and extracted from remotely sensed images.
  • Change detection/analysis – detecting and measuring changes in a given area, for example land use change, between time periods.
  • Vegetation mapping and management – mapping vegetation type, extent and productivity for use in analysis and decision-making.



Experience that counts

Our experts can help you with quality services including:

  • Spatial data systems development
  • Software installation and management
  • Systems integration
  • In-house data analysis


We also deliver remote sensing training to give your staff an understanding of the fundamental remote sensing principles and techniques.


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