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Data Collection

Location-powered data collection

Terrestrial, Aerial and Mobile Device based data collections are services offered by GIS People that can benefit clients in many ways.

Terrestrial lidar scanning

GIS People’s terrestrial lidar scanning provides precise 3D geometry of objects and environments for urban planning, construction, and asset management applications. Clients can reduce costs and gain a competitive edge with our accurate and detailed point clouds. Our team of experts ensures the collected data is reliable and of high quality.

delair drone collecting aerial imagery

Aerial data collection

Our aerial data collection service captures high-resolution imagery and elevation data for accurate topographic maps, orthomosaics, and digital surface models. Clients in agriculture, mining, and infrastructure planning can improve their workflow with our comprehensive data. Our experienced team operates drones with high precision, providing reliable data.

Mobile data collection

Collecting data using mobile devices such as phones and tablets is a convenient and efficient way to gather information in the field. With the ability to take photographs, fill in electronic forms, and automatically pair data with GPS locations, user details, and date/time stamp, this method provides accurate and comprehensive data for various applications, including environmental surveys, asset management, and field inspections.

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