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Is your organisation taking full advantage of geospatial technology?

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What is a GIS Strategy?

  • Have you considered how to extract the most value spatial data for your business?
  • Do your staff have the capability to use GIS technology?
  • What implications will future technology developments have on your operations?

If you don’t know the answers to the above, you require a spatial strategy.

A spatial strategy determines how your business can exploit location data to improve decision-making, reduce risks and optimise operations.

How does it work?

One of our consultants will come on-site and work alongside you and your team to document and analyse your data, workflows and requirements. They will then deliver a spatial strategy that identifies how you can get the most value from your business.

And by defining the scope beforehand, we make sure that you get a return that far exceeds the cost.

What is Involved

How can GIS people Help?

What steps are involved?

GIS People will:

  • Recognise your businesses goals and risks
  • If there’s an existing investment in GIS, assess its performance
  • Identify and measure potential for improvements
  • Plan out the necessary changes to maximise ROI
  • Work closely with you to produce the spatial strategy and implementation plan

Why choose GIS People?

Our consultants have delivered strategy reviews, system and data audits, re-engineering services, technical consultancy, project management and hands-on product training to dozens of organisations worldwide. Talisman Energy is just one example.

With proven skills and experience, GIS People can guide your organisation to getting the true value from GIS technology. Give yourself an unfair advantage and a competitive edge – employ GIS People today!

How do I get started?

How do I get started?

Contact us for a no-obligation chat. We will talk you through the options.

If you have a business plan then good news, you have already started! GIS People can integrate a spatial strategy directly into your current business plan and objectives, for one seamless, cohesive business strategy.

Anything else?

An optional formal presentation to senior managers can also be provided to demonstrate the revenue opportunities and significant long-term savings across the organisation by implementing a GIS strategy.

To support the implementation of your strategy, we can also provide change management and project management services if needed.

Anything else?

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