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Unleash the power of your location data.

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Help your business succeed

Our consulting services are designed to help your organisation:

  • Learn what efficient GIS technology can achieve
  • Get the most out of your data through geoanalytics
  • Improve the use of internal GIS capability
  • Boost workflows and save money

Get the most out of your investments

By combining the data your business captures with geographic analysis, a wealth of additional information is created. GIS People will help you get the most out of this data.

GIS technology is becoming increasingly used by organisations in all sectors. And as a leader in the industry, GIS People provides geospatial consulting services to government departments and private organisations, including the mining, energy and utility sectors.



How can GIS People help?

Depending on your needs, we can:

  • Help you to develop a geospatial strategy or technology roadmap
  • Work with you to build your internal GIS capability
  • Perform simple to complex geoanalytics
  • Do the day-to-day GIS work so that you don’t have to

Why choose GIS People?

Make GIS work for you by picking GIS People. We give you:

  • A team able to work in almost any integrated technology environment
  • GIS inserted seamlessly into your organisation
  • Value for money
  • Responsive, Agile project management


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