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Mission Statement: We build and deliver world class software solutions where location is key. We know where you are!

Geographic Information Systems (GIS), or geospatial technology has to be one of the most interesting industries in the world. Why, you ask? Because you use GIS technology in your everyday lives, whether that’s using a rideshare application to your next appointment, looking up hotels for your next holiday or even driving your friends to a location you’ve never been to before using your in-car GPS. Now, how cool is that!

We are a Brisbane based multi-award-winning IT company that specialises in GIS technology. Our focus services are software development and creating innovative software products that solve business and processing problems. Not only do we do geospatial consulting, but have hand-created two successful products that implement GIS technology to solve business problems.

Gruntify, GIS People’s flagship product, is changing the way that organisations manage their data collection, workflows and analysis. Open Declare is a web platform used for reporting of political donations and other financial transactions.

Due to the high international demand for both Gruntify and Open Declare, GIS People is seizing the opportunity to stretch out the boundaries of GIS technology and services, and deliver unique and world-class solutions to clients worldwide, starting in the USA and Middle East.

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Our highly qualified team draw upon years of experience from academia and industry to deliver intelligent solutions.


We actively listen to our clients’ needs and concerns so we can react quickly to solve potential problems.


Our forward-thinking staff design novel solutions for client projects using
up-to-the-minute technologies.

Why Choose Us?

Geospatial Consulting

Improve the use of your technology by taking advantage of GIS People’s consultancy services. With staff from a variety of backgrounds, our team can work in almost any integrated technology environment and insert GIS seamlessly into the mission of any organisation. And our vendor independence means we always deliver unbiased solutions.

Software Development

Our end-to-end software development service takes all of the worry and stress out of the development process. We are dedicated to providing our clients with exactly what they ask for, and we use modern project management methodologies such as Agile and Prince2 to ensure that projects are developed on time, on budget and to specification.

Training Services

The unique selling points of our training courses, delivered through our GIS College brand, are their customisable nature and their value for money. The courses can be tailored to use our clients’ data, logos and workflows, to enhance the quality and understanding of the training. The competitive prices allow clients to train larger groups of staff at once.

Remote Sensing

Look no further than GIS People for your remote sensing projects. Our experienced staff use the latest, highest quality imagery and software to provide you with the very best outcomes in a variety of project types including (but not limited to) automatic feature extraction, change detection/analysis and vegetation mapping.

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