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Dataset Cleansing

Glencore Mount Isa Mines


Mount Isa Mines, part of the Glencore Xstrata group, operates several mines near Mount Isa in Queensland. In order to ensure they were meeting their Cultural Heritage Management Plan requirements, Mount Isa Mines had a Permitting and Surveying system in place that was based on a combination of spatial survey registers in the MapInfo Desktop GIS system and a Land Management System database in MS Access, both of which required “cleansing and standardising” of over seven years of historical data.


GIS People was head-hunted by Mount Isa Mines to perform the work. Our expert consultant carried out detailed analysis and review of Mount Isa Mines’ spatial and non-spatial systems, to understand how they were structured, valued and related to each other. He formed a schema plan with summary information and lookup values of the structures and relationships, which led to him performing a complete desktop clean-up of the datasets and survey registers, and redevelopment of some parts of the Land Management System GUI and underlying database structure.


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