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Queensland Urban Utilities


Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) was formed when five Southeast Queensland Local Government Area water and sewer businesses were amalgamated. This required the merging of five different GIS and asset systems, and customised spatial location tools to assist users with a transition from MapInfo to ArcGIS for Desktop. Approximately 140 desktop GIS users needed to maintain GIS business continuity using an automated way to find, display and create maps for over $4.1b of assets in the new GIS environment.


GIS People’s software development team developed an automated, configurable find and display ArcGIS add-on – ArcNavigator – providing easy deployment and centrally coordinated search parameters, together with preset map creation options. QUU has GIS users ranging from design and maintenance engineers, field staff and administrative and support staff. ArcNavigator provided an ideal solution, enabling multiple configurations suited to every user’s roles and data requirements.


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