Website visits on the rise

A day before GIS People celebrates its second birthday (GIS People was founded on the 15th of March 2010), it is perhaps fitting to look at how our website has performed over the past two years, since our website has been up and running right from the outset. For the initial 20 months, the GIS People website ( has been averaging between 600 and 1000 unique visits per month (20-30 visits per day). However, as the log files are revealing, since December 2011 that number has increased to 1200, only to jump to 1500 visits for the month of February. In March 2012 (current month) however, there have been over 1000 visits already, and we are only half way through the month. Therefore, assuming the same rate of visits for the rest of March, the website might set a new record with more than 2000 unique visits, meaning almost 70 unique visits per day. That is an increase of 100% from only 4 months ago!

So what’s causing this spike? If we look at the log files, we can see a big increase in “Search String Totals”, meaning that more and more visitors are “looking for stuff” when they land on our website. They are not only “landing and browsing”, but instead, they are searching using our website search facility. The top 5 search items are GIS, People, Brisbane, MapInfo, and GBM Mobile. We’ve been surprised not to see Oracle, Spatial, or ESRI related searches representing higher percentage.

Another interesting statistic is that the “Usage By Country” is revealing that the visitors to our website come from Australia (50%), US (25%), Netherlands (5%), Germany (3%) and South Africa(2%) being the top 5.