We survived The Stampede!

It was muddy. It was icy. It was electric…literally.

Last Saturday hundreds of fired-up participants, including an 11-strong team from GIS People, competed in Stampede 2013, an epic 5km run and battle through the elements.

Facing ominously named obstacles including Mud Buffet, Tyre Tumble, Cow Zapper, Sunday Roast and Esky Dunk, the team set off in pristine white GIS People t-shirts. After struggling through mud baths, clambering over large obstacles, battling through a pitch black cave, enduring a dip in a vat of icy water and surviving a run through dangling electrical wires, the team emerged very (very) muddy but victorious. See our Facebook page for more photos!

Most importantly, of course, GIS People is pleased to have been able to contribute to The Stampede’s fundraising efforts. The Stampede has so far this year raised over $90,000 for charities CanTeen and The Heart Foundation. Donations are still being accepted.