Turn your non-GIS users into ArcGIS Desktop experts with ArcNavigator!

GIS People is delighted to announce the arrival of ArcNavigator – our newest member of our GIS software family. Many companies are not benefitting from the full use of their investment in ArcGIS Desktop, so we’ve created the ultimate solution in the form of ArcNavigator. Using the ArcGIS Desktop platform, our software is specifically designed for non-GIS proficient users and is so easy to use, that no training is required.

Like its name suggests, navigating around ArcNavigator is a breeze. Give your company the productivity boost that it needs and streamline your workflow. It is intuitive and easy! Now anyone can produce customized, professional maps in minutes, and our easy PDF export tool allows you to save and share your creations.

Not everyone has enough time to learn the complexities of ArcGIS Desktop, but everyone can use ArcNavigator.

Visit www.arcnavigator.com.