QR Partners with GIS People to integrate SAP with GIS


When Queensland Rail (QR) decided to design and implement a corporate-wide Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS/SAP), a very important part of the decision was to integrate the Asset Management functions with the existing suite of GIS systems. QR realised immediately that they needed to engage a vendor-independent supplier of SAP-GIS integration services, who can work within short timeframes, and complex Government Owned Corporation environment.


GIS People was chosen to directly address the requirement and scope provided by QR through the provision of GIS Assurance and Advisor Services. GIS People is a vendor-independent consultancy with a proven track record in delivering commercial solutions and services that represent fantastic value for money. Our vast experience within contemporary asset management systems blended with expert knowledge of GIS were recognised by QR as critical skills required by EAMS.

GIS People is working closely with QR to deliver timely reports and advice at key EAMS milestones. For more information about us or the work we do, please contact GIS People or download our Capability Statement.