Transpacific site selection


Transpacific, Australia’s leading waste and recycling company, required a quick and cost-efficient method to identify property sites that had commercial potential to be developed for their services. Transpacific owns a large database of clients whose geographic distribution needed to be considered when choosing the sites.


GIS People used multi-criteria analysis in a site selection process that accepted a pre-defined range of parameters as input, including geographic distribution, potential growth of clients and future demand distribution. From this a set of thematic maps were produced to highlight the sites with potential to be developed. The sites were ranked with scores 1-15 depending on their suitability.


  • Geocoded client address database.
  • Growth potential of clients identified.
  • Projection of clients’ future geographic distributions.
  • Shortlist of potential sites from multi-criteria analysis.
  • Delivery of thematic maps to help form Transpacific’s siting strategy.

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