uMAP-R software development


Resource & Exploration Mapping Pty Ltd (REM) required assistance with developing a version 2 of their web-based mapping system, uMAP-R. They ran into problems with development, including missing features and slow data loading, and problems with communication, as the company they initially worked with was based in Sydney.


REM chose locally based GIS People as their new project partner. With the expertise of GIS People’s software developers, the development of uMAP-R v2 was quickly completed. GIS People introduced architectural improvements, resulting in improved platform scalability and flexibility, and migrated existing users to the new uMAP-R version.


  • Problems with v2 quickly resolved.
  • Better system scalability.
  • Improved data loading capability.
  • User-friendly backend control panel giving REM full system control.
  • uMAP-R suitable for worldwide use.

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