Logan City Council

Revegetation tool


Logan City Council were using a custom-built revegetation tool in their MapInfo environment, but when they migrated their spatial platform from MapInfo to Esri’s ArcGIS, the tool had to be ported from MBX format into Python scripts. They therefore required a software development expert to develop and test a custom software for use in the ArcGIS environment, to replace the existing revegetation tool.


GIS People’s André Tauté built a new revegetation tool for Logan City Council. The tool provides information to assist the Council in advising Logan residents, community groups, businesses and developers in how to re-establish the original native vegetation on a property.


  • Updated revegetation tool.
  • New interface in ArcGIS.
  • Methods available for staff to change and update data.
  • Fully tested before release.
  • Instructions and troubleshooting for scripts provided to council staff.

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