Land for Public Recreation


Queensland Government’s Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning (DSDIP) required an interactive mapping website to be created that allows the general public to search for and get more details about recreational areas in Queensland. This was needed as part of the Q2 Green Space Initiative to help identify and protect more land for nature conservation and public recreation.


GIS People stepped in to assist on this project. We created the Land for Public Recreation System application, carrying out the technical aspects of building the interactive mapping system, including programming, interface development, data compilation and initial system support. We ensured that the website allowed users to view information, use basic spatial tools and also provide comments, ratings and corrections regarding the land for public recreation.


  • Easy to use online mapping system.
  • Place for public to find local parks.
  • Tool for posting announcements to spatially identified locations.
  • Opportunity for public to provide feedback.
  • Internal interface for councils to view submitted information.

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