Office Innovation: Turning Old into Gold

Here at GIS People, we like to experiment with the latest technology. Whether it’s for our clients or ourselves, we take pride in creating innovative solutions.

Case in point: Re-using our old (not very smart) LED TV and pairing it with a Raspberry Pi. The purpose? To keep our team in the office updated on our current status and progress with the various projects we’re working on.

A Raspberry Pi powering our LED TV


Before we say anything about what we’ve done, for those who haven’t heard of them, you might be wondering what a Raspberry Pi is. What are the uses? Is it edible? Does it have anything to do with the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter? Well, a Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer which can be connected to a standard keyboard and mouse. The internals are closely related to those found in mobile phones. This small piece of innovative technology can do almost anything you would expect a desktop computer to do. In other words, for something so small, it packs a lot of punch. You can browse the internet, watch videos, play games (including Minecraft!) and even use it as a robot controller!

Our current application of it is simple. All the Raspberry Pi is doing now is running Raspbian Linux with a web browser pointed at a custom Azure DevOps page. But being to all intents and purposes a full computer, we can do more!

Developer Steven initially came up with the idea of using the Pi.


Our next step in our experiment is to integrate with external speakers. With this, multiple opportunities will open. We could program it to play a sound every time we gain a Gruntify subscriber, or every time we reach our goal with a customer. We can set it up to respond when new code is checked into our source repositories. We can have it cheer when code passes automated tests. We could hook it up to external lights to create more visual indicators of successes. Ultimately, it would be a great way to boost morale to see (and hear!) physical evidence of our progression as a company. And maybe have some Christmas cheer in December!

The final result – all powered by the Raspberry Pi


As time progresses, we will continue to experiment and create more homemade solutions using IoT, drones, robots and AI; while maintaining our strong customer focus.

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