GIS People Uses UAVs to Help Jaguar Conservation Efforts

Next week, an expedition led by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) will take to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest to gather as much evidence as possible about the jaguar population and their habitat. And GIS People will play a key role through providing UAVs, a certified UAV pilot, data processing and our software product Gruntify.

Earlier this year, a team from QUT, the ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers and the Peru-based Lupunaluz Foundation, led by Professor Kerrie Mengersen, took their first trip to the Peruvian Amazon to capture data for the project. Using statistics, mathematical modelling, virtual technology and knowledge from the Indigenous people living in the Amazon, the team combined local and expert opinion with mathematical and statistical modelling to better understand – and therefore protect – the jaguar.

When they return next week for a second mission, one of our team – David Jaunay – will go with them. As a certified UAV pilot, he will spend two weeks in Peru, flying UAVs to collect imagery of the rainforests and the rivers. This will complement the ground-based data collection and help further inform the project’s research.

Some of the team and the local Indigenous people will also be provided with the Gruntify mobile data capture app. It will be used to collect photo, video and audio evidence – and sightings, if they’re lucky – of jaguars in the area. GPS location is automatically captured, and users can quickly upload reports directly from the app to the cloud. This means that the team can easily view all the information in one place, and visualise all the reports on a map.

This will assist in the main goal of the project, which is to identify potential jaguar habitats and prioritise them when building the Peruvian leg of a ‘jaguar corridor’ across South America, allowing this majestic big cat species to safely roam, feed and breed.

With the ability to soon link UAV imagery directly into Gruntify in real-time, the possibilities for environmental conservation projects – as well as in utilities and the government – are immense!

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