GIS People to launch new Queensland Fisheries Apps

Digital transformation is never easy, but once you decide to embark on it, the opportunities are endless! For example, think about artificial intelligence and fishing. Now, imagine yourself at sea, you’re reeling in a great fish, you’re ready to celebrate but, you’re unsure what kind of fish it might be. What if it could be as easy as pointing your camera at it and knowing within a few seconds?

Enter Gruntify – our data collection and management platform. Powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies, fishers from across Queensland will be able to do just that. Thanks to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF), GIS People has secured a contract to create commercial and recreational fishing applications for professional fishers and individuals alike.

Many commercial fishers still use paper-based logbooks and telephone reporting. The new apps aim to replace these methods and improve the customer experience. Users will be able to upload logbooks and quota details from anywhere, in real-time which will provide more accurate data. Business transactions will be simplified allowing fishers to focus on what they do best – fishing, while the department will receive more timely updates.

The new recreational app will include features like fish identification with photo recognition, interactive mapping and permit viewing. The new app will also allow fishers to report illegal fishing activity, receive weather updates plus more. Ultimately, the apps will deliver much-improved user experience for individuals.

Our journey through securing this contract wasn’t easy as we competed against top-notch companies – most notably through the Hackathon. This was a requirement for all suppliers which involved creating a prototype solution for DAF’s challenge. But here’s the catch (and it’s not a fish!), it had to be done within five days. This short time frame really tested us. We had to demonstrate skills across key areas to get across the line. Some of these include artificial intelligence, machine learning, rapid prototyping, UI, and UX. We were challenged, but our hard work paid off because our pitch was met with great success and we were ultimately selected.

“We are excited to work in partnership with a new client (DAF) and to showcase some of our latest machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities as it relates to digital transformation and fishing. We couldn’t be happier to be given this opportunity and are very excited about the launch later this year, so watch this space!”


GIS People Founder and CEO, Igor Stjepanovic


The first stage of the commercial fishing application is scheduled for release in October while stage one of the recreational fishing app is due in December. We thank DAF for giving us the opportunity to create revolutionary technology for fishers. We look forward to continuing our partnership and are excited to finalize and release the applications in the coming months.

For the Queensland Government media statement, please visit this link.