GIS People to deliver asset management toolset to BCC


GIS People has excellent reputation and flawless track record in delivering outstanding geospatial solutions. However, increasing number of our clients now realise that GIS People’s capabilities far exceed software development engagements on geospatial projects alone. Consequently, our clients partner with GIS People to design and implement business intelligence and asset management solutions which may or may not contain visualisation/spatial components.


One such example is “Duct and Optic Fibre” project at Brisbane City Council (BCC) – Australia’s largest Local Government Authority. This project will deliver a set of data collection, validation, cleansing, and transformation tools to support asset management queries using the transitional duct and fibre data collection repository. The toolset will enable the gathered data sets to be maintained as the comprehensive point of truth reference for duct and fibre.


This project is not building an “application” or another “system”. Instead, the existing database and tools (e.g. Toad) are leveraged as the application for the asset data managers, who themselves are proficient with database querying. The queries written and documented in this project will cover routine data management and become the foundation for data management experts to modify and extend the queries for new data import sources, export and ad-hoc analysis and reporting.

GIS People was selected to work on this project due to its longstanding relationship with BCC and strong expertise with PL/SQL and Oracle Spatial technologies. For more information about our capabilities, please download our Capability Statement.