GIS People to Attend Overseas Business Mission

Cultivating networks and opportunities in other countries is important for the growth of GIS People. That’s why we’re very fortunate to have been invited on the annual Brisbane Lord Mayoral Business Mission for 2014.

Managing Director of GIS People, Igor Stjepanovic, will promote the world-class capabilities of Brisbane’s geospatial industry on the 12-day mission. From the 9th to 20th September, he will be joining Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and other leading local companies on the whistle-stop tour of four of Brisbane’s sister cities – Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Hyderabad and Singapore.

As GIS People is the only geospatial company selected to take part, Igor will be flying the flag for Brisbane’s GIS capabilities, attending in-market briefings, business meetings, networking events and civic receptions. There are great opportunities for exciting new spatial projects in these cities, and Igor will be marketing GIS People’s services to both the public and private sectors. He will also be endorsing the innovative work of our Brisbane-based colleagues, such as our fellow spatial professionals at QUT.

Igor says: “I feel extremely privileged and honoured to take part on this mission. Brisbane has a thriving community of spatial professionals, entrepreneurs and academics. With Brisbane being the city that is ‘open for business’ and ‘open for innovation’, I look forward to promoting the geospatial expertise available here in Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Hyderabad and Singapore.

The Business Mission supports companies interested in generating business growth in these cities and related regional markets, as well as promoting investment opportunities in Brisbane. We’d like to thank Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and Brisbane City Council for organising this trip and inviting GIS People to attend!

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