GIS People signs MOU’s with European companies

Last week we celebrated our eighth year in business. And today we have more exciting news to share! GIS People has expanded its software development capacity from 20 to 200 people! And we are very excited about this development. How did we do that? Well, it’s a bit of a story, so read on…

Our founder was born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and while he left his country of origin at the age of 17 in the early 1990’s, he always maintained connections with many of his childhood friends. Some of Igor’s friends ended up playing in the soccer world cup, others are working as scientists and researchers on some ground-breaking products in the USA, and many others have exciting careers across a wide range of professions, including IT. The Balkan region is a favourable, pro-business environment, rich in talent and low in labour costs. Given these facts, it’s no surprise the world’s largest IT companies are popping up in the region like mushrooms!

For example, did you know that world’s fastest electric car is manufactured in Croatia?
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Another interesting fact is more countries are looking to the Balkan region to be a better outsourcing partner than countries like India and China, due to the combination of quality product and competitive pricing. Click here for more information.

Just in case these reasons are not enough…

Macedonia has been the first country to deliver wireless broadband services to every single one of its citizens. They’re not just the first in Europe to do so… They are the first in the world! And they did it back in 2006.

To add to our USA expansions, as recently as this week, GIS People launched its operations in two European countries, namely Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia. We are very excited not only about additional capacity we have acquired, but also about the new springboard to Europe that has now been formed. Would you like to know more? Please contact us.