GIS People Goes BiiG

Brisbane-based company GIS People first built Gruntify in 2014 to solve a string of challenges Queensland was facing. Fast forward four years and Gruntify is being utilised across many different industries such as rapid damage assessment, insurance, transport, property services (asbestos) and several more. And in 2018, the company has been given an opportunity to crack into the US market.

Gruntify, which is built on Microsoft Azure, combines an award-winning blend of real-time data collection, location intelligence, collaboration, artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver a fully integrated end-to-end productivity and workflow solution. Given its endless potential list of applications, Gruntify is crowned as “the Swiss army knife of data management and field work.”

Last year, founder and CEO, Igor Stjepanovic was based in San Francisco for four months and planted seeds for relationships with industry partners, such as Microsoft, SAP and City Innovate, and thereby gained valuable intel. Only a few months later, in January 2018, Gruntify secured three projects across the USA through the Startup in Residence (STIR) program, helping three large Government agencies implement digital transformation from the old (paper-based), to the new (electronic) means of conducting business.

“We are very fortunate at GIS People to be surrounded with such a strong network of partners and clients. Collectively, we are constantly evolving our business models and with that, defining the Future of Work.”


Igor Stjepanovic
Founder and CEO


Over a 16-week journey, the Gruntify team worked tirelessly to produce three pilot-ready solutions for three different cities – San Francisco, Houston and Miami.

Figure 1: Gruntify managing MTC responder activity in and around geofence

The outcome is that Gruntify will soon manage first responders for traffic accidents on major transportation infrastructures across nine counties in the Bay Area in California, including the famous Bay Bridge that connects San Francisco with Oakland. On the opposite side of the USA, Gruntify will be put to work to increase productivity and massively reduce costs associated with managing civic related issues across Florida.

Figure 2: Gruntify performing rapid damage assessment of fire natural disaster

To add fuel to the fire, the expansion was helped by a grant from the Australian government, which provided just under $500,000 to help commercialize Gruntify in Emergency Response post natural disasters and take the platform to international markets.

More recently, and closer to home, GIS People secured an incredible opportunity with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF), to help them develop and launch two new fishery applications for recreational and commercial fishers alike. The two applications will focus on digitally transforming the process of logging data for fishers. Users will be able to upload logbooks, identify fish with photo recognition, view permits and report illegal fishing activity.

Figure 3: Donors reviewing their transactions in Open Declare

GIS People’s other main product is Open Declare, a platform used to declare and track political donations and expenses. The platform was battle tested during the 2017 Queensland state election and went live in South Australia in April 2018. Before Open Declare, the existing process was slow, error-prone and required a lot of manual processing by its staff members. Open Declare digitally transformed these processes by providing the public with an online, real-time platform. With great success in both states, GIS People aims to take the platform to other states in Australia and internationally with the confidence to improve transparency between the public and politicians.

If you would like to know more about any of the above projects, see team Gruntify at BiiG 2018, where they will have a stand, or feel free to drop them a line beforehand.