GIS People Awarded Place on Local Buy Arrangement

Following GIS People’s acceptance onto the Queensland Government ICT Contingent Labour arrangement, we are pleased to announce we have also just been awarded a place on the Local Buy Arrangement BUS248.

GIS People can now supply ICT Specialised Consultancy services to Councils and Local Government authorities in Queensland and the Northern Territory, without the need for the clients to go through the tendering process. So whether they require our geospatial consulting services, or are interested in procuring our Gruntify data collection and task management software, the process is now much more streamlined and efficient.

Local Buy is the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) procurement services company.  Local Buy’s core business is contracts: establishing common-use procurement arrangements for Councils and Local Government authorities.

While Councils and Local Government authorities are not legally bound to use Local Buy’s services, purchasers using Local Buy arrangements save significant time and money and are fully compliant with the Local Government Act 2009 and the Local Government Regulation 2012 in their procurement activities.

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