4 Alternatives to Google Maps Engine

The spatial industry has recently been buzzing with the news that Google is deprecating its Google Maps Engine (GME) product, with all support for the product ending on the 29th January 2016. The news comes as a blow to many organisations around the world, who will need to find a replacement mapping service.

Luckily a number of alternatives are available. As GIS People is vendor independent and software agnostic, we are best placed to give clients unbiased advice on which products will be best fit for their business and how to actually go about the changeover.

So what are the options? In terms of web-mapping, there are several options that businesses may want to explore. Most of them come with free trials, and different pricing plans and options.

CartoDB is a cloud-based geospatial database. It is a fast, scalable platform supporting vector and raster data. What’s more, CartoDB technology is capable of sitting on top of the Google infrastructure. While you’ll still have to migrate your GME data to CartoDB, you can still use your Google Maps API for powerful mapping.

An open source and cloud-based solution, Mapbox makes it easy for users to pick from a dozen nicely designed base maps and add them to their own applications quickly. Mapbox provides iOS and Android SDKs and also JavaScript API for development and customisation. Their Mapbox Studio is worth a look if you require simple design tool to fine tune your maps to look exactly how you want them to be.


MangoMap is another cloud-hosted mapping platform. Their aim is to make creating and sharing maps as easy as possible, allowing greater numbers of people to create maps without the need for complex coding. MangoMap offers all of the functionality available on GME and more.


Esri is offering GME users free software and free training to persuade businesses to make the move over to their ArcGIS products. ArcGIS is a complete platform for authoring, analysing and sharing large amounts of geospatial data.

Blue: Open source software; Green: Proprietary software.

Don’t know who to choose, don’t know when to make the switch, don’t know how to migrate your data? That’s where GIS People comes in. Our experts provide unmatched technical expertise and know-how to help you painlessly make the switch.

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