2018 – Year in Review

Looking back, 2018 was a big year for GIS People! While that can be said for some of the previous years, it’s hard to deny 2018 was one of the biggest milestones for us.

From the get-go, the year started on a high. We had an official launch of our new office in Newstead with many special attendees. Some of these were, the Honourable Yvette D’ath – Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Walter van der Merwe – former Electoral Commissioner for Queensland and representatives of our partners and customers. It was a great day that set our course for the rest of the year.


Our new office launch


Less than a month later, we landed three opportunities through City Innovate’s Startup in Residence (STIR). Namely, San Francisco, Miami, and Houston were the cities we were tasked with providing solutions for. Soon after, a 16-week journey began with our team working tirelessly to produce three pilot-ready solutions. From following time zones to managing projects here in Australia, it was a tough, but rewarding journey. In fact, we loved it so much that we decided to apply again this year. Here’s hoping we do just as well!


Our CEO, Igor Stjepanovic and COO, Jeff Portwain in San Francisco


A few months later, we received the Accelerating Commercialisation grant from the Australian Federal Government. A grant amount of just under $500,000 was awarded to us to help take our ground-breaking technology internationally, and with that, we hired our first employee in the United States. It was a great feat as this was the largest grant ever given to a spatial company in Australia under the program! It also proved to be key in successfully launching RADAR in the U.S.

Then in August, we landed another significant opportunity closer to home. After a long and grueling tender process, and a week-long hackathon, we won the contract to develop technology that is set to digitally transform fishing in Queensland!

This year, we were also lucky enough to be recognized for our work. Thanks to our efforts through STIR, we ended up winning the 2018 US Ignite “High Impact Use of Innovative Technologies” award. Then in November, we walked away with the “Best Australian Utility Week Startup” award! It was our first time attending Australian Utility Week so winning this award was a great accomplishment.


Jeff and Igor at Australian Utility Week


Finally, to keep up with our growing list of customers in Australia and internationally, we expanded to two countries! We first strengthened our team by adding eight new staff members in Manila, Philippines. With the high demand for our mobile and web development services, we hope to see this team grow rapidly in the new year. Then in October, we ‘invested in great’ and launched in the U.K! Due to our success in the U.S., we started looking at other countries to see where we could strive. The U.K is a perfect place to act as a central springboard for the rest of Europe, so we’re very excited to see what comes from this expansion!

It’s clear we’ve made some strides in 2018, and with the year closing out soon, we’re happy to say we’re extremely proud of our efforts this year. We want to thank all our partners and customers for their continued support and wish them well for the holiday season and new year. We wouldn’t be where we are without you! The future looks bright, and with our recent international expansions, you can expect big things from us in 2019. We’re only getting started!

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